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Red Square Accounting and Tax


Red Square Accounting and Tax specializes in Individual and Business tax returns, Accounting and Business Formation. All our Tax professionals are licensed by the IRS to work in all 50 states. With many years of experience and a proven track record of success, our expert team always guide you from start to finish. Our office is open all year round to provide solutions tailored to your unique situation.


Ivan Bravo

I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and grew up in Miami, FL. Graduated from Miami Dade College in 2010. I worked for over a decade for Fortune 500 companies in Sales and Software Technologies.

I am certified Tax Preparer and fully register with The Internal Revenue Service (IRS). I specialize in Personal Tax returns, Notary Public and Business Formation.

I am currently working on my EA certification and studying tax law to offer legal representation in front of the Internal Revenue Service.

My goal is to bring an excellent costumer experience and make sure our clients are always taking care for any business or tax needs.

Angelina Noeva

I was born in Russia and started my academic studies over a decade ago in Orlando. I started working in Accounting and Tax preparation in 2014 for a small private firm and then moved on to a largest firm in Central Florida as a Corporate Tax Expert.

I have a double degree from Webster University in Business Administration and a Finance & Accounting Degree from Valencia Collage in Orlando, Florida.

Lastly, I am a Certified Tax preparer in all 50 states and an EA (Enrolled Agent) offering you representation Infront of the IRS.

My goal is to bring comprehensive solutions to the most complex tax and accounting situation to our clients.

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