Start Your Business

Start Your Business

Start your business today with a 30-minute complimentary consultation with one of our experts in business formation. We will go over different types of entities and taxation methods so you can start your business on the right path.

"Start Your Business Package" fee is $399. It includes:

The service fee above excludes State fees, licenses and permits needed to operate the business.

Service fee $99.

Beneficial Owner Information Report (BOIR)

Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting, overseen by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), mandates certain U.S. legal entities, such as corporations and LLCs, to disclose information about their beneficial owners. 

Beneficial owners are individuals who own or control a significant portion of these entities. The goal is to enhance transparency, combat money laundering, and improve financial crime detection by providing law enforcement and regulatory agencies with access to this critical ownership data. 

Compliance with these reporting requirements is essential to avoid potential penalties.

Business conversion

Transfer your entire business from one state to another with ease. Our experts will take care of everything needed to transfer your business between any states.

Service fee stars at $499*.

*Service fee does not include state, local and county fees.

Service fee $99.

Fictitious name & D.B.A. registation

Contact us today for a consultation.

state of Florida amendment

Add, change or remove information with the State for your business.

Service fee starts at $220

$99 per year.

Registered agent

We can be your appointed Registered Agent to accept service of process and received official mail for your business and make sure you don’t miss any important or legal matter letters that might impact your business.

Resale certificate service

We will apply, process and obtain the Resale Certificate for your business. This certificate allows your business to buy goods tax free for resale purposes.

Service fee starts at $199.

Service is $150 per filing.

Sales tax filling

We can take care of your Sales Tax Filing with the State for your business. Service available with bookkeeping service only.

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