Tax Preparation Services in Orlando

Tax code is complex with constantly changing rules. Red Square Accounting and Tax team will analyze and explain everything in detail to make tax preparation process worry free.

Personal tax return

We make sure our customers have a clear understanding and proper expectations. In addition, our clients have had zero audits on the returns we prepared.

Tax Preparation fee starts at:

Business Tax Returns starts at $650.

Business tax return

Red Square Accounting and Tax team prepare all returns accurately while providing guidance to minimize your tax liability and save your time and money.

Amendment tax return

A tax amendment becomes beneficial in multiple scenarios such as correcting an error, omission to income, changing in filling status, claiming a credit, correcting a credit or changes in deductions. We will examine the return, fix errors, suggest solutions and look for available credits to optimize your taxes.

Amendment Tax Returns starts at $600.

Services Starts at $400

Business planning

Making an informed decision for your personal or business can have a great impact on your finances. Each case is unique and different. Our team can help to reduce the tax liability by using tax exemptions, tax rebate and benefits available to you.

ITIN - Certified Acceptance Agent

Our firm is a Certified Acceptance Agency accredited by the IRS. Red Square Accounting and Tax will help to collect and certify all necessary documents to obtain Individual Taxpayer Identification Number without having to send your original passport or document.

Service starts at $600

Service Starts at $500

1040 - Non Resident Tax filing


Form 1040NR is a specialized U.S. tax form for nonresident aliens. Tailored for simplicity, it streamlines reporting of U.S.-source income, covering wages, self-employment, and investments. With a focus on a single filing status and considerations for tax treaties, it enables nonresidents to efficiently navigate and optimize their tax obligations.


An accurate price will be provided upon reviewing the documents and complexity of the return.

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